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lauantai 15. joulukuuta 2012

Vuoroin Vieraissa JaMajka

JaMajka on puolalainen Art journalisti.Olen saanut ilon tutustua häneen 3rd Eye:n DT:n kautta.
JaMajka is a Polish Art journalist, I'm happy to know her from 3rd Eye's DT.

Basically it started as traditional "scrapbooking": cards, albums, notebooks... And it lasts for 4 years now. But maybe a year ago I've discovered collages! And art journal! And - this is it! It was really a long way to go, from the place I've been till now.

My works were so ordinary; I think I had nothing to say then. But when I've discovered art journal, everything become easier, I found the right words, right pictures and right ways to express myself. Then I've discovered all this magical media's world, and now - I'm here :) In my works I love to use some gesso, inks, masks, interesting papers (i.e. old books written in gothic's German). My art journal pages come from my emotions, my thoughts, my heart.

The difference between scrapbooking and art journaling is scrapbooking basically is about decorating pictures. The picture is the most important thing (in my opinion of course). You decorate picture, you describe it, you want to catch memories by giving them a suitable frames.

On the other hand in art journal you don't need a picture. You can express yourself only by color, by interesting pieces of paper, by stamps, only you are creating frames of idea, that you want to express.

Marta :)

Thank so much Marta for joining my blog takeover! 

Haaste / challenge!

Seuraavan kahden viikon haasteena on luoda sivu ilman valokuvaa. Voit leimata, leikata lehdistä kuvia tai muodostaa sivun tekstuureilla ja väreillä! Uskalla kokeilla, heittäydy art journalingin maailmaan! Hae lisää inspiraatiota Martan upeasta blogista.

Next two weeks inspiration comes from Marta and we are making art journal pages! So make your page without using any photos, instead you can stamp, cut pictures from magazines or just create page with different textures and colors! For more inspiration please visit Martas' blog.

Haasteeseen voi osallistua 29.12 mennessä. Mukana olet linkittällä työsi tähän postaukseen. Osallistuvien kesken arvotaan alla oleva palkinto. Kiitos osallistumisestasi!

The challenge will be open until 29.12. Publish your layout in your blog, comment to this post with the link to your post. There will be small raffle between all entries to this challenge.Thanks for joining us!

Happy and creative christmastime to all! Hauskaa ja luovaa joulun aikaa kaikille! 


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