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lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2013

Vuoroin Vieraissa Kim

Tällä viikolla vieraana on Kim Price Australiasta. Hänen sivuissaan pidän syvistä väreistä, upeasta materiaalien käytöstä ja itsetehtyjen taustojen ja valmiiden elementtien loistavasta yhteensovittamisesta!

My this weeks quest is Kim Price from Australia! I really love how she uses different textures, deep colors and especially I love her way to mix the self made back ground with patterned papers and other beautiful elements.

Hi. My name is Kim Price and I am a wife to Simon, a mother to our two teenaged daughters Holly and Courtney, and we live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. If you are not familiar with where this is on the map, it is just north of Sydney.

I have been scrapbooking for a little over 10 years, having discovered this craft while on a long family holiday travelling around Australia in a caravan and I have been scrapbooking ever since. I love to use art mediums on my layouts as well as more traditional scrapbooking supplies such as patterned papers, stickers, buttons and flowers. As well as these items I also like to use other common elements on my layouts such as paper clips and old book pages. You will very often find some kind of stamping on my pages - though it is not always obvious - and an artistic background using inks, gesso  and paint.

I almost always begin a layout with a photograph. From there I like to choose coordinating colours, papers and elements which will compliment and enhance my photo. Sometimes my personal scrapbooking style can be soft and romantic and other times I like to use a more modern approach, depending on my mood. I love to use sketches as a guide to my designs but I find it hard to stick to them exactly as something always makes me want to change it in some way. I love to use layers as an element in my pages and lots of little details as well as clusters.

Here is the layout I created for the post:

And I have attached a few examples of other layouts I have created which are already on my blog.


Tällä viikolla aloitetaan puhtaalta pöydältä. Käytä taustapaperina valkoista tai muuta lähesyksiväristä taustapaperia ja luo paperille omat kuviosi. Voit käyttää apuna gessoa, mistejä ja musteita. Yhdistä itse tehtyyn taustaan rohekasti valmiita elementtejä, kuviopapereita ja koristeita!

In this weeks challenge we are starting with an empty space. Create the back ground with gesso, mists and inks and add embellishments, patterned papers and other elements to your self made back ground!

Haasteeseen voi osallistua 23.2.2013 mennessä. Mukana olet linkittällä työsi tähän postaukseen. Osallistuvien kesken arvotaan alla olevat napit. Kiitos osallistumisestasi!

The challenge will be open until 23.2.1013. Publish your layout in your blog, comment to this post with the link to your post. There will be small raffle between all entries to this challenge.Thanks for joining us!

6 kommenttia:

  1. So excited to be featured on your blog today. Thank you for inviting me :) :) :)

  2. Beautiful pages ~ love Kim's work!

  3. Awesome work! I love Kim's work so much!!!! :D

  4. Tässä vaatimaton yritelmä omasta taustasta, ja osallistumiseni haasteeseen:

    Kim's pages are beautiful!

  5. Tällaisen sain aikaan: Kiitos kivasta haasteesta!


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