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lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

Vuoroin Vieraissa Elena

Tällä viikolla vuorossa on Elena! Upeita kerroksellisia sivuja, kannattaa vilkaista hänen blogiinsa ja tutustua todella upeaan koristeiden käyttöön.

This weeke quest is Elena. I really love how she uses layers in her work. Remember to look at her blog for more inspiration!

I am Elena from Belarus (Eastern Europe). I am a happy Mom to 2 lovely
kids and a wife to my supportive, very patient husband.

I know the exact date when I have discovered a scrapbooking for me, it
was about 5 years ago. When I was a child I like drawing and painting,
and did it daily and even attended classes at the art school. Then at my
teens, I decided that I was too busy with my classes on music, art,
foreign languages, dancing and the others, so I gave up. What a stupid I
was. It took me more than 10 years to find out how I needed it in my
life. And of course the birth of my daughter was a start of starting
creating something new. And guess what, I started using my water colors
and batik (silk painting) again.

Describe your style in 3 words:
paint splashes, lace and feminine touch

my blog address
and I have a Facebook page ?!( Handmade gifts -
translation from Russian)

My first works were just cards and I liked them very much. Now I look
at them and I see how simple they were. I love adding layers and so
every time I make a card I keep in mind that there are not enough of
layers and that is why I can not stop adding them.

here is my first cards


and my last cards


more than a year ago I decided that it was time to start making the
Layouts, they were very simple too.


I was trying to lift some well-known artist


A year ago I decided that I was brave enough and registered an account
for my blog and started submitting to challenges , mostly in my local
region (Belarus, Russia and Ukraine). I should add that there are none
of scrapbooking stores in my country and I used very simple staff.
Later I have found some kit clubs and on line stores and starting
receive good quality staff. And that was the point that I tried to
submit to international challenges. During the first 2 months I failed
to win, but then it became like a rolling stone, a win after a win.


So in fact:
I was featured and a winner in many challenges and manufacturer's
I have become a designer for a kit club where I was just a subscriber
Moreover I design for 6 manufacturers and one on line magazine in the
So would highly recommend to you to stop been afraid of experimenting
and searching for your style. Don't be ashamed to share your art with the
world. I am too strict to myself and it seem s to me that my projects
are still amateur, but when I receive the comments from people all over
the world who thank me for my inspiration for them, believe me, it is so
pleasant and and it gives me more strength and self believe.
From my experience I have learned that follow your favourite artists,
examine their works, write down the tips that you have noticed, try to
lift some of their works, but the main thing is that you have to reveal
your creativity.
If you like paints, as I do, add them everywhere and then you will
discover how to combine them with different textures and elements. If
you like buttons, imagine how you can alter them. If you like clean and
simple, try to add something, just one thing that will be eye catching,
it can be a composition of your photo or an embellishment.
There is no wrong or right way, there is just you and your art
expression and no one can blame you that you are stupid. It’s your way
of thinking. So I wish you to have everyday inspiration and , however,
to have enough time and desire, to keep your memories of life.

And this is one of my last LO, I've made recently. I can admit that I
have found my style, my favorite techniques and finally I see my

Thanks you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us Elena!

Haaste / challenge!

Tällä viikolla tehdään kaivetaan esille kukkaset, helmet, harsot ja kaikki muu ihanan naisellinen! Tee sivuun runsaita kerroksia maalin ja koristeiden avulla. Älä pelkää vahvoja kontrasteja työssäsi! Heittäydy naiselliseen maiilmaan ja pidä hauskaa.
In this weeks challenge we are making layers with paints and lot of flowers and other feminine stuff, lace, buttons and more flowers! Take all your beautifulthings and surround yoursefl with them. And don't forget to do something crative with paints in to your layout. Have fun!

Haasteeseen voi osallistua 26.1.2013 mennessä. Mukana olet linkittällä työsi tähän postaukseen. Osallistuvien kesken arvotaan alla olevat napit. Kiitos osallistumisestasi!

The challenge will be open until 26.1.1013. Publish your layout in your blog, comment to this post with the link to your post. There will be small raffle between all entries to this challenge.Thanks for joining us!

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