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lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

Vuoroin Vieraissa Noomiy

Tänään Vuoroin Vieraissa sarjassa on äänessä ihana, nuori ja lahjakas Noomiy. Hänellä on kaunis, ilmava ja raikas tyyli! Kannattaa vierailla hänen blogissaan hakemassa lisää inspiraatiota!

Today’s quest is Noomiy from Poland. She is young, talented and sweet. I love her light and fresh work with lot of empty space and lovely details. Make sure to visit her blog for more inspiration!

Hi Guys,
in the beginning I have to say that it is pleasure for me to be the guest on Minna's blog (thank you for invitation!).

I'll try to say something about my journey with scrapbooking. 

I have been scrapping since 2010, not so long, right? How did it start? I saw an article in polish magazine "My Apartment" and it was about the apartment of woman which is scrapping. I visited her blog and... immediately I set up my own. I didn't have any goodies then so I was using papers, materials and other supplies which I found at home. I had a lot of fun with these!

1st card made from things found in my house

But after this period (short one) I visited scrapbooking shops and of course I bought some goodies (a lot of them were just unnecessary things but I didn't know it). I was creating only cards in this time. I was also visiting a lot of blogs and I was learning from other scrappers, tutorials and challenges. I am introducing you to do that. It works and it helps to find yourself and your won style in this huge World of Scrap.

  card made from thing I bought or get from other scrappers

In the beginning of 2011 I set up a group called LIFTONOSZKI. And were lifting LOs of famous scrappers. I January 2011 I created my first LO. This group was so inspiring for me, we were motivating ourselves all the time and in this period I was lifting 3-4 LOs in week! From lifting scraps I learnt a lot! About papers, paints, pictures. It was great period. But my LOs still wasn't mine if you know what I mean. They were just lifted and had a bit of my soul on them...


my first lifted LO made for LIFTONOSZKI group

few favorites scraps made in 2011 for LIFTONOSZKI group

In the end of 2011 I was invited to be the part of polish Design Team. It helps me a lot. Because I realized that my art is important, that people like it and adore it. And I started being "me". I am changing a lot but I'm using my heart when I am creating and I don’t bank on somebody’s works (even though it was important in past!). 

What I am using in my works?
Papers, layers. I love putting paper on paper and on other paper. Like here:


 scrap made for Rapakivi DT, my first DT

layers and white background, still love it!

Paints and sprays. I like splashing and spotting all around!

a lot of black spots of paint here, right?

Or just like here, paints are flowing right from the picture:

Threads. I just like when they are tangled and their color fits scrap.

Doodling. Letters, journaling or just circles or lines.

Any advice for someone who's in the beginning of the journey with scrapbooking? Just feel free to looking at others works but try to find YOU in them. Do not copy them because it doesn't work. You have your own amazing, unique style. You just have to find it.

Take part in challenges! (LIFTONOSZKI group still exist, even though I am not there anymore, you can find them here: or maybe you will set up your own one!) Challenges are good way to stay motivated and to learn something from others. I know good group which is creating sketches (these are really useful!),
Try to find your favorite medias, ways to express yourself and somewhere there you will find you. I promise you!
Thank you Minna for inviting (once more) and You for reading.

noomiy (

Thank you so much Noomiy!

Haaste / challenge!

Tällä viikolla tehdään raikasta ja freesiä! Valitse taustaksi valkoinen tai muu raikas väri ja valitse sivuun ilmavia ja kevyitä koristeita. Kokeile doodlausta!

This weeks challenge is all about air. Use white background or any other fresh color and try to use light embellishments to create the light feeling.

Haasteeseen voi osallistua 12.1.2013 mennessä. Mukana olet linkittällä työsi tähän postaukseen. Osallistuvien kesken arvotaan alla olevat napit. Kiitos osallistumisestasi!

The challenge will be open until 12.1.1013. Publish your layout in your blog, comment to this post with the link to your post. There will be small raffle between all entries to this challenge.Thanks for joining us!

4 kommenttia:

  1. It was no nice to come here and see a (for me..) fresh face. Noomiy's style is very beautifyl and individual.I love it!

  2. Mukana haasteessa (ja nyt kerrankin ei niin viime tipassa...)

  3. Thank you for the inspiration! Mukana taas.


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